Your Ketogenic coach, radio host, author, and instructor for the keto lifestyle.


After losing over 200 lb, I was determined to never struggle with my weight again. I decided to study nutrition and weight control to become certified as a ketogenic coach. KETO is not only a diet but a very smart way of living. What began as my path for healthier living is now my way to help others who are in need of a new lifestyle.

I am a college professor, a published author, a social media influencer, and an awarded keto coach.

You can do this and I am here to help! I believe in you. Yo hablo español!

1. Customizable weight loss plans based on a ketogenic  strategy designed to suit your needs

2. The right Macros for you

3. Menus and recipes

4. Mentoring 24/7

It's a way of eating based on a natural process of burning fat cells for energy. As you burn your own fat, while enjoying delicious food, you lose weight more efficiently without the typical calorie restriction from other diets.

What wil I get?

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