My program includes a discovery session to better understand how to incorporate the new way of eating into your life. Once you learn how to eat, you will get rid of the excess weight for ever!


Sometimes weight gain happens because there is a hidden physical or emotional trigger. With my coaching we can get to the root of the problem to then fix it and help you finally achieve your ideal weight!


The keto diet improves all metabolic functions. I can tell you which is your predominant type of nervous system so we can create a diet just for you. You can lose weight and inches, and stay at the ideal size without any rebound effects.

Coaching sessions

Do you?

  • Feel bloated after eating
  • Gain weight easily


  • Have unexplained mood swings

  • Feel depressed for no apparent reason

  • Sleep poorly or wake up tired

  • Get uncontrollably hungry

  • Have stubborn pounds

  • Have sweet cravings

  • Lack concentration or focus

  • Have constipation or gas

  • Get constantly sick

  • Have no energy

This is not es normal